How to Apply

Application Procedure

1. Applications can be submitted by one of the following three ways

A. Fill in the application form and upload supporting documents on http://studyinchina.bupt.edu.cn.

B. Send electronic and/or scanned versions of application form and supporting documents to admissions@bupt.edu.cn.

C. Mail application form and supporting documents to International Office

Mailing address: Admissions Group, BUPT International office,P.O.Box 211, International Office, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 10# Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China, Postcode:100876

*The original documents must be presented on the applicants’ arrival.

2. Each application will be evaluated by the university. Once the application is accepted, the successful applicants will receive BUPT Admission Notice and the Application Form for Students from Overseas (JW 202 Form for short) by mail.

3. As an international student, you will need a visa to enter China. Student Visa (X Visa) should apply at Chinese Embassy or Consulate of present place of permanent residence. JW 202 Form, BUPT Admission Notice and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners are requested for applying a student visa.

4. The applicants should enroll in BUPT within the required time notified in the BUPT Admission Notice.


Online Application Directions(under construction)

The application period: February 1st to May 20th

Please make sure your application and all supporting documents will be received by the BUPT International Office by May 20th.

Step 1:Choose the program to apply

Step 2:Complete the application form

Please complete the application form in Chinese or English and upload the required electronic copy of supporting documents.

Step 3:Submit the application

Before submitting the application, please make sure that you have completed all the required information, and the information you provide is authentic.

Step 4:Pay Application Fee

After submitting the application form, application fee RMB ¥500.00 Yuan or US Dollar$75.00 is required to submit to BUPT. Your application will be processed only after payments are made.

Step 5:Preliminary Assessment

Your application materials will be evaluated carefully after payment of application fee. The International Office will inform you the result when the assessment is ready.

Step 6:Print the application form

If you successfully pass the preliminary assessment, please download and print the generated application form.

Step 7:Send Supporting Documents

Please send your application form together with all your supporting documents to the ‘Admissions Group, BUPT International office’. All documents should be original or notarized photocopy.

Step 8:Apply for Scholarship

You may apply for the Scholarship online after you pass the preliminary assessment. The application form should be sent to the ‘Admissions Group, BUPT International office’ together with your Supporting Documents.

Step 9: Acceptance Confirmation

You need to confirm online after receiving the offer of scholarships.

Step 10: Apply for Accommodation

You may apply for the Accommodation after the confirmation of the offer. .

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