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The Fourth Chinese Star Contest for Overseas Students from Colleges and Universities in Beijing Solemnly Held

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Two students from our school won the mass selection contest held on April 14. A German student Deanna from Chinese Center won the favors of the judges by a Chinese song A New Drunken Beauty and her fluency in the Chinese speech which ensured her entering the preliminary contest with 120 competitors successfully. She gave a song in the preliminary contest held on May 5, and performed perfectly in the session of storytelling by drawing lots, and she ranked the top 60 which ensured her qualification for the semi-final. It was held in Lecture Hall of International School in North Campus of Capital Normal University on May 27. Both leaders and teachers from Chinese Center gave their care and guidance to the contestants from the mass selection contest to the finals.

The semi-final was divided to two parts including the video display and the response in Chinese. Deanna displayed her life in Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication as well as her aim to the judges and her peers through the video. Her vigor displayed in the playground, her diligence, her innovation and practice, all attracted the eyes of the spectators.
Chinese Star Contest is the platform for overseas students from colleges and universities in Beijing to communicate and interact. The International Division and Chinese Training Center organize students to participate the contest each year. The contest not only enriches students’ life of study abroad, improves their Chinese proficiency, but also opens a window for Chinese teaching in our school which provides us a chance to display the teaching level and the cultural splendor of our school.

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