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A Trip to the Great Wall

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On October 19th, 2012, under the lead of teacher Lu Xiaoning, sixty-two teachers and students of the International Chinese Training Center of the BUPT (the short form of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)went to the Great Wall, and visited some magnificent views of the Mu Tian Yu (it is a famous part of the Great Wall).

The International Chinese Training Center of the BUPT has always been devoted itself to the teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the international promotion of Chinese culture. Climbing the Great Wall --- having a personal experience of it is a required course for all foreign students of the International Chinese Training Center. For many years, teachers of the Center always organize elaborately and arrange carefully about this activity in a pleasant climate of both spring and autumn every year. As a symbol of the Chinese nation, the Great Wall deduces the national spirit of unremitting self-improvement in a concrete form. During the activity, the foreign students that come from over thirty countries all have felt the charm of the Great Wall to some extent. They all have this common feeling and sigh in their heart --- “It’s amazing!” The scenery is just like a picture, which has definitely left them sweet memories of this trip in their life.

The Center advocates the spirit of practicing Chinese language academically. Besides scheduling the Chinese language courses, the Center has also arranged a variety of optional courses on Chinese culture and a great number of extra-curricular activities of social practice for the foreign students. Although it takes a lot of efforts and risks to arrange and carry out these activities, these activities can provide the necessary help for foreign students to improve their Chinese within a shorter period of time. Moreover, these activities can also help them understand and acknowledge the Chinese culture better and provide them an opportunity to be closer to China.

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