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the International Students Symposium of the International Chinese Training Center of BUPT

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Under the concern and support of the school leaders and with the joint efforts of teachers, the quantity of long-term language learning students has reached its new height in the International Chinese Training Center.

In the last two months after the new term began, international students have felt that the teachers are learned, earnest and enthusiastic while the students experience the rich and various courses, including language courses, cultural courses and language practice courses. Although the weather in Beijing is becoming colder, the enthusiasm of the international students’ learning is becoming more passionate.

In order to learn more about the international students’ needs and to give them effective help very specifically in teaching and campus life, teachers such as Lu Xiaoning and Sun Yanyan from the International Chinese Training Center have discussions and communications respectively with students who come from different areas and different cultural backgrounds, such as Asian, Africa and Europe etc..

The international students have spoken highly of the International Chinese Training Center’s curriculum, teachers’ classroom teaching and the office’s related services work; and they have brought forward some good hope for the improvement of hardware facilities in classrooms and living facilities in dormitories; in the meantime, they have enquired about the conditions of entering BUPT for further professional study, the professional structure, the course requirement and students’ job prospects and some other related questions, and especially they have paid much more attention on the distribution proportion of scholarship, the standard of distribution and the condition of distribution.

Through the discussions, the international students have had more confidence in learning Chinese language better. The International Chinese Training Center has also made some adjustments promptly: in order to help the African students to overcome the difficulty of writing Chinese words, the course of writing Chinese words have been added to the curriculum; aiming at the increasing employment needs of Indonesian college students, the courses of Tourism Chinese and Hotel Chinese have also been added to the curriculum; for the students who are about to study their majors, the Center have improved the classes for HSK(Chinese language test) and the classes for preparatory majors.

At the beginning of winter, all the teachers of the International Chinese Training Center have the confidence to overcome difficulties and to work diligently. Through the high quality of education services and the creative mode construction, we welcome the bright future of the internationalization of BUPT.

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