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the Sixth International Cultural Carnival

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The International Chinese Training Center of the School of Humanities Welcomed the Sixth International Cultural Carnival. On the afternoon of December 5th, 2012, there was a warm atmosphere in the fifth conference room on the fourth floor of the High-Tech Mansion BUPT, though the weather was cold. Over a hundred foreign students of the International Chinese Training Center of the School of Humanities who came from over thirty countries, gathered together here, in a way of their countries’ clothes, food, songs and dances and brief introductions of their nations, to celebrate the Sixth International Cultural Carnival.

Under the unified arrangement of the International Chinese Training Center, the foreign students set up their exhibition stands respectively. And they exhibited works of art that came from different regions with heterogeneous culture characteristics and lots of delicious foods were elaborately made by the students with their own hands. They wore their own nation’s traditional clothes. While introducing their country and people through PPT in Chinese language, they invited friends who were at the Carnival to taste these delicious foods. In order to increase communication between each other, the students also played some singing and dancing performances. Each segment of these activities was performed excellently and collaborated wonderfully, which won constant applause and laughter. At the end of the Carnival, the representative of these foreign students, who came from thirty-three countries in the International Chinese Training Center, wrote down his wonderful wishes in the beautiful long scroll. During the activities lasting over four hours, the distinguished guests and Chinese students and foreign students who presented at the Carnival enjoyed a splendid banquet of the culture, which was made by the foreign students coming from various countries.

This is the first time in the history of the International Chinese Training Center to set up a platform for foreign students to show the styles and features of their own countries’ culture, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of foreign students’ studying in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT). In the meantime, this is also a positive attempt to express the increasing understanding and communication between each country, through a new angle by using Chinese language as a common media in the promotion process of internationalizing Chinese language, which also fully reflects the idea of harmony in diversity. The joy and happiness of students was beyond words, and they all wanted to know the time of holding the next International Cultural Carnival.

The vice-president Ren Xiaomin has always been concerning our school’s education internationalization and the promotion career of Chinese language internationalization, and he is the first person who leads directly to establish the first Confucius Institute of our university. He took time out from his busy schedule to attend the Carnival. While he was walking among these foreign students and watching the fruits of the students’ labor in high spirit, he asked students patiently about the relevant food making processes, raw materials and cultural information. He shared the happiness with students, encouraged foreign students to study hard, live happily and to contribute more to the common development of the world. He also gave best wishes to this Carnival activity, which made the atmosphere of the Sixth International Cultural Carnival to the climax.

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