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Happy Spring Festival –The Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Fiji

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On the evening of February14, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Fiji organized by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, hosted by the Northern Chinese Association of Fiji and the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific (the CI-USP), was held in Yue Lai Hotel, Suva.

Before the gala, Mr. YANG Zhaohui, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji delivered the new-year greetings to all the Chinese in Fiji. Mr. YANG reviewed the outstanding achievements made by Overseas Chinese in Fiji in Chinese education, Chinese media and overseas Chinese activities, and said that all the overseas Chinese should follow the principles of “in common, co-construction and share” so as to build a harmonious overseas Chinese community in Fiji that is  “cooperative, friendly and vigorous.

Accompanied by the rhythmic sound of drums, the traditional Chinese lion dance kicked off the entire Spring Festival Gala, followed by other exciting performances including the Chinese dances of Peacock and To the Spring, the soloes of Friends, Little Apple,Good Luck, My Motherland and Me, guzheng&hulusi ensemble, and Three and Half Talk, and magic, etc., which made all the Overseas Chinese at presence feel a strong patriotism towards China. At last, with the deep love and best wishes to China, all the people added their voice into a chorus—“Song of the Motherland”, ending the whole gala.

Through this activity, the CI-USP has exerted a more profound impact on both Fijian and Chinese in Fiji.

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