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Mr. YANG Zhaohui, Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Conveyed Greetings to the Teachers of the CI-USP

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On February 19 (Chinese New Year Day), Mr. YANG Zhaohui,  Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, visited the Confucius Institute in The University of South Pacific (the CI-USP) in spite of the heavy rain, sending the festive greetings to the teachers at the CI-USP.

On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Mr. YANG firstly expressed his sincere greetings and New Year’s wishes to all the teachers at the CI-USP, then praised their conscientiousness in keeping working on the special holidays. In his talk, Mr. YANG affirmed the achievements made by the CI-USP in the past year under the leadership of Prof. LI Denggui, the Chinese Director of the CI-USP. Mr. YANG hoped that the CI-USP will do an even better job in promoting Chinese language and spreading Chinese culture in the coming New Year so as to enhance the friendship between China and Fiji. At last, Mr. YANG put forward some suggestions and expectations on the development of the CI-USP in 2015.

Prof. LI Denggui, the Chinese Director of the CI-USP, showed his gratitude toward the support and assistance given by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji in the past years. He also thanked Mr. YANG for his considerate visit on the first day of Chinese New Year. He said all the teachers at the CI-USP will try their best to live up to the expectations from the motherland by devoting themselves to Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture spreading so as to play their own part in promoting the friendly relationship between China and Fiji and to strive for the realization of “Chinese Dream”.

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