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Confucius Classroom at Emalus Campus of USP, Vanuatu Began at Vila East School, and Received Books Donated by Vanuatu Ambassador’s Wife

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On February 16, Chinese classes of Confucius Classroom at Emalus Campus, the University of the South Pacific (USP), Vanuatu officially started and witnessed a group of more than 80 young Chinese learners in Year 8 from Vila East School under the efforts of teachers of the CI-USP, indicating the CI-USP’s wish to go beyond university campus and better serve the society. The students tried their best to learn Chinese pronunciation, conversation, and characters. As it was the Spring Festival season, the teachers brought traditional Chinese paper cutting to the classroom, and helped each student to cut a Chinese character of “囍” (Happiness). The paper cutting was expected to bring both happiness and Chinese culture back to all the students’ families, and become a good beginning for their understanding of China.

At the same day, Confucius Classroom together with other educational institutes received in Central School books of The Story of The Eel donated by Madam ZHAO Yan, Vanuatu Ambassador’s wife, collecting folklores in Uripiv, one of the islands in Vanuatu, and having been translated into Chinese by Madam ZHAO. The publication of this book will greatly assist in keeping Uripiv custom and language alive, and promote the Chinese language learning in Vanuatu. The CI-USP greatly appreciated the support and help from Madam Zhao and all other people from the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu.

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