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News Series of the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific

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News I

The 1st Indoor Football Event Successfully Held in Suva

The 1st indoor football event was successfully held at Vodafone Gym in Suva on April 12, which was hosted by New Chinese Association and the Chinese Embassy, and co-organized by the Chinese Culture and Sports Association, the Confucius Institute at USP and Tianyi Shipping Company, Four teams took part in this event; and the team of Hualian with red uniform finally won after 6 intense round-robins.

Mr. ZHANG Ping, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, was invited to kick off the ball, who pointed out the significance of this event. First of all, the playing field was built with the aid of China. What’s more, it enhanced the mutual communication among Chinese in Fiji. In the end, Mr. ZHANG called on to organize more similar activities so as to expand the influence of the Chinese in Fiji.


News II

China-Fiji Relationship Forum Successfully Held

China-Fiji Relationship Forum was successfully held at the University of the South Pacific (USP) by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji and the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific (CI-USP) as one of its open courses on April 17.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji H.E ZHANG Ping presented the forum and encouraged the participants to interact actively so as to enhance the mutual understanding between the two countries, followed by a diplomat from the Chinese Embassy and a student majoring in International Studies at USP making presentations introducing China and Fiji respectively. Diplomats from Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Chinese Director of the CI-USP LI Denggui as well as teachers and staff, Associate Professor in Diplomacy and International Affairs Greg Fry and students majoring in International Studies attended the forum.  

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