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News Series of the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific

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News I

The Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu Donated Stationary to Vila East School

On May 13, the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu donated stationary to Vila East School, not only to thank the students for their excellent performance in the inauguration of the first Confucius Classroom in Vanuatu, but also to encourage them to continue with their Chinese language learning to broaden their horizon and make Chinese one of the bridges for their future development. Mr. LIU Pan, the representative official from the Embassy, said that the Embassy will pay continuous attention to the students’ Chinese learning, and welcome them to further their education in China in the future.

News II

Chinese Culture Promotions in Port Vila International School

On May 23, Port Vila International School (PVIS) in Vanuatu held the annual “Big Sales Day” when people brought new or second-hand stuff to sell, which attracted many local and foreign people. The Confucius Classroom at Emalus Campus, the University of South Pacific, Vanuatu took this opportunity to carry out cultural experiencing activities like paper-cutting and calligraphy. Red paper with animal patterns and Chinese characters with pictures attracted attentions from kids and adults, who joined to work out art works with scissors or brushes. The kids were so happy to get some desserts as awards. The principal and teachers of PVIS also came for photos and experience, who thanked us for making the school event more diversified. PVIS is one of the leading schools in Port Vila. We hope this promotion will better spread Chinese culture in this multi-ethnic city.

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