Clubs And Associations

Types of Association

Names of Association

Type of Public Interest

The Red Cross Association

Sino-Korean Communication  Association

Entrepreneur Association

Sign Language Club

Leadership Association of BUPT

Type of Science and Technology

Windows Innovation Association

Open Source Software Association

I Constructor Programming Association

Google Camp

Ophone Technology Club

Microsoft Technology Club

Baidu Club

Ericsson Club

Type of Humanity


Investment and Banking Association

Students International Exchange Association

‘Admirable friends’ Reading Club

Foreign Company Practice Club

Magic Literature Club

English Club

YingLan Japanese association

Thought Contend Club

Law Club

Self-improvement  Club


Type of Sports

Taekwondo Club

Dexing Chess Table Swimming Association

Ping-pong Association

Badminton Association

Shangwu Karate Club

Basketball Association

Fengyun Volleyball Association

Yaoqi Football Association

Lanfeng Tennis Association

Martial Arts Club

Movie Appreciation Association

Dance Association

Guitar Association

Type of Arts

Magic Association

Beijing Dance Association

Ceramic Art Club

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