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BUPT President Qiao Jianyong Led a Delegation to Visit China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd.

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On April 12th, Qiao Jianyong, President of BUPT, met with Yang Jie, President of China Mobile, and had an in-depth discussion on further cooperation, especially all-around collaboration in Artificial Intelligence. 

President Qiao introduced the development progress and the latest research achievements of BUPT, and expressed his gratitude to the ongoing support and care of China Mobile. He pointed out that after decades of development, BUPT has gathered a large number of talents in fields such as network and AI, and thus has a solid foundation in disciplinary development and scientific research. In recent years, focusing on the national initiative of “Double First-Class” construction, BUPT has been actively transforming and upgrading its disciplines, and has established innovation research institutes to scale up efforts and make more investment in developing distinctive and strategic disciplines, such as AI, IoT, informational function materials, cyberspace security and military-civilian integration, in order to explore more efficient administration-industry-education-research cooperation. Qiao also said that, BUPT hoped to deepen and expand collaboration and cooperation with China Mobile, a benchmark company in the industry, making full use of BUPT’s advantages in scientific research and talent resources, realizing full integration of industry, education and scientific research, and making contributions to supporting China’s industrial upgrading, economic transition and building of an intelligent society.

Yang Jie extended a warm welcome to President Qiao and his delegation, and introduced China mobile’s 5G+ plan. He said that BUPT has trained a large number of outstanding talents in information technology for China. A considerable number of outstanding graduates have been recruited by China mobile and other industrial companies and organizations, and have made outstanding achievements at work. BUPT’s scientific outcomes have also been widely applied and acknowledged in the industry. For a long time, China Mobile works closely with universities, including BUPT, as well as scientific research institutions, and has promoted economic and social development, better met people’s needs for a better life, and produced landmark achievements, such as National Science and Technology Progress Special Award. At present, China Mobile is comprehensively promoting the close integration of 5G into new information technologies, including AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and edge computing. Yang Jie said, BUPT’s key disciplines are highly consistent with the development direction of China Mobile at the present stage, so he hoped that both sides could give full play to each other’s strengths, start from a proper common ground, actively explore new models of school-enterprise cooperation in AI and jointly write a new chapter of cooperation.

Li Zhengmao, Vice President of China Mobile, Gao Songge, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the General Office, Wang Xiaoyun, General Manager of the Technology Department, Zhang Tongxu, Director of the China Mobile Research Institute, Guo Jun and Wang Wenbo, Vice Presidents of BUPT, Ma Qihua, Director of Office of Party and Administration Affairs, Jia Qingxuan, Dean of BUPT Institute of Science and Technology Development, and Zhang Chuang, Director of the Information and Technology Center attended the meeting.

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