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BUPT’s Three Scientific and Technological Achievements Received Science and Technology Award of Chinese Institute of Electronics

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The 14th Chinese electronic information technology annual conference was held in Hefei, Anhui Province from April 20th to April 21st, meanwhile, the award ceremony of 6th Chinese Institute of Electronics' excellent scientific and technical workers, as well as 2019 Excellent Scientific Papers of Chinese electronic information, were also held there. BUPT's three achievements were awarded 2018 Scientific and Technology award of Chinese Institute of Electronics, including two first prizes (one is directed and completed and the other is involved in completing) and one Second Prize.

The project “Superspeed Extra Long Distance T Bit Optical Transmission System Key Technology and Engineering Realization” directed by  Professor Xin Xiangjun's group won the first prize of Scientific and Technology Progress Award.

The project "Key Theoretical Approaches for Distribution and Transportation of Materials under Dynamic and Complicated Mobile Streaming Media Situations" directed by the group of Professor Xu Changqiao won the second prize of Natural Science Award.

The project "Key Technology and Application of Wireless Access Network Multifrequency Microwave Circuit", in which the associate professor Yu Cuiping had participated won the first prize of Scientific and Technology Progress Award.

According to Honor Evaluation Means for Excellent Science and Technology Workers, with approval and ratification of Chinese Institute Electronics,  Xu Changqiao, Yang Hui and Zhang Jianhua from BUPT selected by the 6th selecting committee of Chinese Institute Electronics, excellent workers won the honorary title the 6th Chinese Institute of Electronics Excellent Worker.

There were totally 87 outstanding projects (including 21 First Prizes, 34 Second Prizes and 32 Third Prizes), 100 excellent science and technology workers and lots of authors of outstanding paper awarded at the ceremony.


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