4th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications

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17th June 2009

Five days left until CrownCom 2009 will open.
We are looking forward to meeting you all in Hannover.

If not already done, please register on-line. This helps us a lot to avoid delays at the registration desk.

9th June 2009

Less than 2 weeks until CrownCom 2009 will open!

Check out your bearings:

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  • Technical program
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  • Venue

2nd June 2009

The detailed technical  program of the conference is now available. Please note that the possiblity to generate one´s own program is offered.

26th May 2009

Starting from today, regular rates for the CrownCom 2009 registration apply. 
We kindly request all authors to register at AUTHOR rate as soon as possible.

Please note that the registration process requires to allow "cookies" in your web browser, otherwise the website can not perform a valid data transfer and user identification during the process. 
If you encounter problems with one web browser, please kindly consider to use standard settings of your current web browser or try another one (e.g. Mozilla Firefox).

29th Jan. 2009

The visa information valid for traveling to the Federal Republic of Germany are added to the website.
Please apply as early as possible, if you require one.


The owned spectrum allocation model in use today is believed to be obsolete. Firstly due to its intrinsic principle of fixed resource allocation that leads to a supposed spectrum scarcity, later revealed to be a question of non-efficient utilization. Secondly comes into play the need of introducing new wireless applications and services, which have experienced a huge growth in the last couple of decades, and are now supposed to cope with a multitude of already deployed standards. Both scenarios motivate the use of dynamic spectrum access in order to turn primary licensed networks into dynamic spectrum access networks (DSANs). This lends itself to cognitive radio, an enabling technology that will benefit several types of players and help to implement a more efficient approach regarding spectrum requirements in the future.



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