Academic report notification:Communications in the Smart Grid

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Title:Communications in the Smart Grid

Reporter:Prof. Gerald E. Sobelman (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota,USA)

Host:Prof. Zhang Xiaoguang(The Academic Committee Member)

Time:March 8, 2013(Friday)13:30PM-15:30PM

Place:Teaching Building No. 4 Room401

Main content:The Smart Grid is an emerging technology that combines the traditional electric power grid with advanced communications and computing capabilities. A wide range of communications technologies will be needed in order to support applications such as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), demand response, renewable energy resources and grid reliability systems. This presentation will describe several different communications technologies that will play important roles in the future Smart Grid, including both wireless and wireline approaches.  The advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches will be described, and relevant standardization efforts will be mentioned.  Several important properties and characteristics of the Smart Grid itself will also be presented in order to put the communications technologies into proper perspective.

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