Game as a Service − Cloud Computing Enabled Mobile Gaming Anywhere on Any Device

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TitleGame as a Service − Cloud Computing Enabled Mobile Gaming Anywhere on Any Device

HostProf. Victor C. M. Leung

Time:August 26, 2013Monday9:30AM-11:00AM

PlaceThe General Office Meeting Room 501


Mobile computing and cloud computing are complementary as the scalable and ubiquitous computing resources in the cloud can compensate for the limitations in processing and storage capacities of mobile devices and greatly enhance the applications and services that are available to mobile users. We give an overview of the general characteristics of mobile cloud computing and related research issues. Taking advantage of mobile cloud computing, mobile cloud-based video gaming (MCVG) is an emerging trend that is moving the online entertainment industry into the cloud era. In MCVG, the game engines are hosted in the cloud, and the rendered gaming videos are transmitted over wireless networks to the mobile devices. In reverse, game players’ interactions on screens are sent to the cloud server over the same networks. How to compress and transmit the real-time gaming video, so that during the gaming session, the expected server transmission rate over the bandwidth-limited wireless network is minimized while satisfying the quality of experience demanded by the players, is a great technical challenge that we shall address in this presentation in a multi-player gaming context. We propose a MCVG system with cooperative video sharing, which exploits the correlations between the gaming videos for distinct players in the same gaming scene to enable the cloud game server to efficiently encode and transmit multiple video streams to a group of players, while those players are able to decode their video in a cooperative manner by content sharing via a secondary ad hoc wireless network. Experimental results show that the expected server transmission rate can be significantly reduced compared to the conventional video encoding schemes for cloud games. We conclude with a discussion on our ongoing research to develop a cognitive framework that will provide “game as a service” (GaaS) to players using a variety of mobile devices to access computer games in the cloud over different wireless and wireline networks with diverse quality of service characteristics.

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