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JOB VACANCY: Teaching in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications as a teacher and trainer

JOB DESCRIPTION: English teacher for undergraduate English majors, postgraduate English majors, non-English-major graduates, and doctoral candidates; Trainer for teachers lecturing in English.

REQUIREMENTS: 14 hours per week. Training courses may involve evening time and weekend time. Consultative aids to Chinese teachers; tape recording for exams.

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor and above, preferably related to teaching methodology, internet-based teaching and with teaching experience, with citizenship of U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.

SALARY: negotiable, based on applicants’ educational background and teaching experience. RMB300-400 raise is possible for experienced candidates. ACCOMMODATION: One-room apartment with toilet, with kitchen, charge free. Meals are provided by cafeteria with reasonable price.

TRAVEL: Round trip for international airline (coming from abroad, full-year term). Single trip (half-year term). Single trip for both domestic and international (currently in China). RMB1000 tour allowance per year (RMB500 for half-year term).

MEDICAL CARE: Up to RMB 1000 medical expense for minor diseases; Life insurance; Optional medical insurance (paid by the teacher). A regular medical exam is expected to be done at home to ensure a healthy status. HIV and other related compulsory medical exams will be done upon arrival at the expense of the university.

OTHER BENEFITS: No more than 8 hours per week free attendance at Chinese learning classes at BUPT International Chinese Language Training Center.

MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR APPLICATION: CV, recent (within one month) regular medical exam report, final degree diploma, passport page with photo and number (fax or email with JPG pictures (the latter preferred)), two recommendation letters.

Add: Mailbox 130, Beijing Univ. Of Posts & Telecoms, 10# Xitucheng Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100876 P. R. China Tel: 86-10-62283632 Fax to: 86-10-62286025 E-mail to: wxming@bupt.edu.cn

Any volunteer teaching in BUPT is highly appreciated.

Procedure: ¨ Application: CV, recent (within one month) regular medical exam report, final degree diploma, passport page with photo and number (fax or email with JPG pictures (latter better)), recommendation letter preferable. ¨ Draft Signing: an electronic copy of contract and appendix for the candidates to sign and then, fax or email (JPG format) back the last pages of the two with signature (for mutual understanding of the terms only, formal signing will be done upon his arrival). ¨ Document for Visa: fax to the candidates. ¨ Notification of Arrival. ¨ Reception, Formal Signing of the Contract and appendix, Air Ticket Reimbursement.

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